Camp Information

The Camp

There is lots to do on site, there is a swimming pool staffed by lifeguards, basketball and volleyball areas, lots of open area for soccer and baseball or just flying kites. The arts and crafts cabin is popular with all ages. The cabins are great, clean, warm and make a great home. The cook house is the hot spot at camp, the campers are treated like royalty.

burn camp
Day Trips

Day trips have included the Two Rivers Wildlife Park, Historic Highland Village, Fortress of Louisbourg, and the Village of Baddeck. The most popular one is the “Day on the Mira” where campers spend the day on the beautiful Mira River, hosted by the Sydeny Professional Firefighters IAFF Local 2779.

The boats leave for a tour of the river, stopping at the Mira Water Slide for some fun and games. Then it’s back on the river, where we head to the beach for a great barbaque, followed by an afternoon of swimming, tubing, and just great fun in the sun. We finish the day with a stop at one of the local restaurants for a relaxing meal, then it’s back to camp.


Visits from the RCMP and the Canadian Coast Guard College are always fun and each year our friends for New Brunswick drop in with a drag car, the campers love these visits, there is always lots of laughs and photos taken during these events.

Theme Nights

The evenings are filled with music and dancing, these campers love to dance. Several local entertainers provide music, ranging from country, rock to local fiddle music. The community groups come out and show us their support by setting up game booths, the campers and staff who are dressed up in constumes, have a great time with everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend Atlantic Burn Camp?

ABC is for any child between 6-17, who has sustained a burn injury and lives in Atlantic Canada .

What about transportation?

Arrangements are made to assist getting all campers to ABC as much as possible. Local law enforcement agencies as well as many volunteers assist us with travel requirements.

What is Atlantic Burn Camp?

It’s a chance for each child to meet 15 to 20 other children who have also experienced burn injury and have a lot of fun!

Who are the staff and Cabin Leaders?

Most of the staff and cabin leaders are firefighters, police, medical personnel and Burn Care Society Volunteers. We maintain about a 1:2 camper/staff ratio. Each staff member is carefully screened.

How much does this cost?

Thanks to community and corporate support in the Atlantic Provinces, the Atlantic Burn Camp is able to maintain a no per family cost for all campers.

What about my child’s special medical or dietary needs?

We have a full-time medical staff at camp. They are equipped for emergencies and are able to help with dressing changes, pressure garments and giving out medications. If your child’s diet is restricted, we can take appropriate measures once notified.

How do I get an application?

Call the office at 902-562-4156, write to us at the address above or send us an email.